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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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2013/02 New law on imprisonment
The new law on imprisonment amends certain provisions whose current wording and interpretation has caused considerable problems when applied in practice. Problems mainly arise in relation to the inspection of convicted persons' mail, contact between convicted prisoners and other people, and expunging of convicts' criminal records.
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2013/02 Changes in the law on health care
The amendment to Act No. 578/2004 Coll. on Health Care Providers, Health Professionals and Professional Organisations in Health Care, as amended, has touched on a wide range of questions and amended a large number of regulations. Several changes will be effective from 1 April 2013, for example: the issuing of permits for emergency medical services; and the definition of cases in which it is not necessary to obtain a GP's recommendation to receive specialised treatment. You can read about these changes in our full article.
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2013/02 New law on food and safety
A new amendment to the Food and Safety Act introduces new rights for control bodies, increased penalties and new reporting obligations. These measures, according to the Slovak Government, should lead to a higher level of human health protection and consumer protection on the market.
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2013/02 Ensuring fiscal responsibility in the European Union
The purpose of this law change affecting the scope of the Slovak authorities is to ensure fiscal responsibility in the European Union through a national law which amends the competence of Slovak Republic's bodies in the process of execution of certain rights and obligations arising from the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union. Measures and procedures to strengthen fiscal responsibility and economic policy coordination in the EMU under that Treaty should be fully in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.
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2013/02 Prevention and control of environmental pollution
In order to improve protection of the environment, the European Union in 2010 adopted a new directive. Its transposition into Slovak law has resulted in a newly adopted law on integrated prevention and control of environmental pollution, which will enter into force on 15 March 2013.
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2013/02 Being prepared in Parliament – New law on protection of non-smokers
Under a proposed amendment to the law on protection of non-smokers, the existing ban on smoking will be extended to electronic and herbal cigarettes. After approval of the amendment it will be forbidden to smoke in shops, common dining facilities where brought-in food is served or in open-air sports facilities. The amendment increases fines for failure to comply with the smoking ban.
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