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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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2013/06 Extensive changes to the Collective Investments Act
An amendment to Act No. 203/2011 on Collective Investments has introduced numerous changes to various areas of collective investments. These changes will affect the basic definition of subjects, term collective investments, record-keeping units, management of collective investments and adjustment of conditions for withdrawal of authorisation for management fund activities. In the full article, we inform you about some of the changes that have been adopted.
» Banks, financial institutions  
2013/06 New Act on State Fund for Housing Development
New legislation will allow loans to be obtained for construction of for-hire apartments by private subjects and will restrict the granting of loans obtained to purchase flats. It will also change the amounts of certain types of loans granted, the time period of provision and remuneration. Directs grants for securing a flat will also be increased by this new law.
2013/06 Amendment to the Copyright Act
Modification of the requirements for licence agreements, extension of the enumeration of collective makings by newspapers, and prolongation of the protection of performers' rights: these are just a few of the many changes that are due to enter into force as a result of the current law change. Revocation of obligatory written forms of licence agreement or modification of licences granted only to certain individuals, for example, are among the other notable changes.
2013/06 Extension of smoking ban and other changes to the Act on Protection of Non-Smokers
Previous legislation did not provide sufficient protection of non-smokers. Because of this, as well as on the basis of the National Tobacco Control Programme recommendations from May 2007, an amendment to Act No. 377/2004 on Protection of Non-Smokers has been developed. In particular, it includes modification of non-smoking places and changes to the possibility to establish reserved smoking places.
2013/06 Amendment of the Criminal Code
Regarding the necessity to transpose European directives against sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, child pornography and on the prevention of trafficking and protection of trafficking victims, a few changes to Act No. 300/2005 - the Criminal Code and Act No. 301/2005 - the Criminal Proceeding Act have been adopted. The changes are presented in more detail in our full article.
2013/06 Being prepared in Parliament – Amendment of the Mediation Act
The main aim of the proposed amendment to the Mediation Act is to allow access to mediation for a wider range of people. Mediation, meaning a non-judicial form of dispute resolution, is an alternative to a conventional lawsuit. Compared to conventional lawsuits, resolving disputes through mediation is less expensive and much quicker. The proposed amendment might further accelerate the process of mediation.