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Legal risks in the agricultural sector

Audience: Owners and executives, business managers, heads of various levels, accountants, advisors, and other interested parties.

Seminar program:

1. Changes and nuances in relationships within «The land market».

1.1. Registration of property rights to land (acquisition, transition, termination, registration), taking into account legislative changes.

1.2. Leasing land. The lease contract - «obvious, but unclear». The most common mistakes when concluding a lease contract. Alternatives to a lease contract.

1.3. Consequences of the possible cancellation of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land.

2. Financing and insurance in the agricultural sector.

2.1. Types of financing in the agricultural sector - to what should you pay special attention?

2.2. Pledge of land or pledge of right to use the land? Whether a pledge provided by you can be «repledged» by a financial institution. Agrarian receipts.

2.3. Activity directed against collection companies in the agricultural sector, or «for any force there will be a more powerful opposing force».

2.4. Insurance in the agricultural sector - features that you do not know but which could be profitable for you.

Timefor questions and answers.

You can register for this seminar by sending an application or a simple message to the email address kyiv@ulclegal.com

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