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Overdue debts and bad debts - Prevention and recovery optimization

Audience: Owners and heads of Ukrainian and foreign companies/representations, commercial directors, logistics managers, relationship managers, managers at various levels, accountants, lawyers and other interested participants.

Relevance of this seminar: Practically all companies, irrespective of their sphere and activity, have receivables. Probably, many have experience of how long and difficult it can really be to collect debts from a counterparty. Often, debt collection takes so much time that there is, in effect, nothing to collect or recovery is rendered meaningless.

Our approach: It is better to prevent a debt from arising, than to collect it. At our seminar we will present some practical methods for debt prevention and also some alternative methods for debt collection, based on the latest legislation and our legal experience.

Seminar program:

Session 1.

Avoidance and prevention of overdue and bad debts

  • How to identify a potential defaulter at the stage of negotiation?
  • What contract clauses will help you, and what clauses will hinder debt recovery?
  • Responsibility of a partner under an agreement: incentive or punishment? Efficiency of contractual responsibility;
  • Summary of the most widespread mistakes in a contract that can become an obstacle to debt recovery;
  • What documents should be requested and checked at the stage of signing a contract with a counterparty in order to eliminate risks?
  • The most frequent mistakes at the stage of signing of a contract. What consequences can these lead to?
  • How to check effectively whether a person has the right to sign a contract? The most widespread mistakes and their consequences;
  • What documents do we recommend be requested and formalized at the stage of contract implementation for optimization of debt recovery?
  • Is a reconciliation report sufficient documentation for debt collection?
  • How should you arrange the reconciliation report correctly for debt collection optimization?
  • Practical recommendations arising from the questions addressed in session 1.

Time for further questions and answers.

Session 2.

Alternative methods ofdebt collection.

  • The use of extrajudicial methods of debt collection;
  • What mechanisms used by collection agencies to recover debts can be used by any company? Description of these mechanisms and their effectiveness;
  • The possibility of debt repayment by bills of exchange. How does this work?
  • Debt collection according to a bill of exchange. Order, efficiency;
  • The sequence of actions to be taken at the stage of debt collection;
  • Analysis of mistakes, recommendations arising from questions addressed in session 2.

Timefor questions and answers.

You can register for this seminar by sending an application or a simple message to the email address kyiv@ulclegal.com

We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience!

If you have any questions, please contact us.