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Reefs and features of legislative settlement of internal and international transport

Audience: Owners and heads of Ukrainian and foreign companies/representations, commercial directors, logistics managers, relationship managers, managers at various levels, accountants, lawyers and other interested participants.

Purpose of this seminar:

  • To help managers and heads of various levels to answer practical questions that they regularly face:
  • How to minimize taxation and risks while rendering services in transportation?
  • How to facilitate work for the accountant in terms of tax consignment notes?
  • How to protect oneself while rendering services in international transport?
  • How to avoid pitfalls when signing contracts to provide transport services?
  • How can international legislation be used in the sphere of provision of transportation services?
  • How to correctly dispose of a "leasing" vehicle?
  • How to facilitate and accelerate the procedure for receiving insurance compensation?
  • «Study others' mistakes», and learn how to avoid their negative experiences when rendering services in transportation.

Seminar program:

1. Rules of Inkoterms 2010

Have you familiarized yourself with the new rules applicable under Inkoterms 2010? We will present you with a useful comparison of the characteristics of the rules of Inkoterms 2000 and 2010, and will describe features of the application of Inkoterms 2010 in the conduct of activity in the sphere of transportation.

2. Foreign economic agreements on the implementation of transportation services. Customs control and customs clearance of cargoes.

Do you know how to draw up a foreign economic agreement in your interests, avoiding "reefs" (i.e. hidden problems) and minimizing taxes? We will tell you about the essential conditions and features of foreign economic agreements in the field of transportation services. Learn about what you need to pay attention to when drawing up and signing foreign economic agreement contracts in order to minimize risks to you. Do you have questions about the TIR Carnet, or ATA Carnet? We will answer your questions.

3. What are the most favorable ways to manage legal relations in the domestic market? Types of contracts for rendering transportation services in the domestic market.

Freight forwarding contract. Commission contract. Assignment contract. Agency agreement. Which of these would be most suitable and convenient for you - and why?

4. Features applying to use of a vehicle via a financial leasing scheme. Insurance in the sphere of transportation services.

Perhaps you don't know how best to use your vehicle according to the leasing scheme, given changes in the legislation, and your leasing company is not providing you with a dependable answer? You don't know how to make best use of insurance, and the insurance companies offer only unoriginal schemes? Have you been able to use Evroprotokol? We will provide you with all the information that could be of use to you.

5. Discussion of the most common problems in transportation services.

You can register for this seminar by sending an application or a simple message to the email address kyiv@ulclegal.com

We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience!

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