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The use of foreign jurisdictions for Ukrainian companies to IPO

Audience: Owners and top managers of Ukrainian companies, finance and commercial directors, heads of various levels, corporate lawyers, economists, representatives of consulting companies.

Seminar program:

Part 1.

Role of foreign companies in the development of Ukrainian businesses. Characteristics of the most profitable foreign jurisdictions in terms of doing business.

  • Business optimization by means of the use of foreign jurisdictions. Which types of foreign companies are most favorable for conducting business?
  • Types of companies. Distinguishing features of offshore companies;
  • Comparison of the characteristics of the most favorable jurisdictions for conducting Ukrainian business, protecting it and attracting investments;
  • Advantages and features of business in countries with low taxation.

Part 2.

Minimizing taxation and increasing the profitability of a business by means of offshore, onshore and other foreign companies. Characteristics and advantages of non-resident companies. Features of financial reporting in different countries. Practical schemes and recommendations.

  • Classical offshore, using the example of the following countries: Belize, Panama, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands. Features of taxation and reporting in these jurisdictions;
  • Low-tax jurisdictions and companies in the following countries: Great Britain, Cyprus, Hong Kong;
  • Features of working with English and Scottish companies. Why Great Britain is considered the ancestor of offshore business;
  • Hong Kong - favorable capital investment. When and why do Hong Kong companies not pay taxes in general?
  • Cyprus - a unique combination of appealing factors from the point of view of its business-legislative base and the simplicity of working with companies there.

Part 3.

The use of foreign jurisdictions for attracting investments and the extra business costs of listing Ukrainian companies on foreign stock exchanges.

  • IPO as an optimum way of attracting investments into a business. The purposes and advantages of an IPO over other sources of financing;
  • The attraction of foreign stock markets for Ukrainian companies. The properties of Ukrainian companies on foreign stock exchanges: the story of moving to IPO, and the results;
  • The basic requirements for companies to embark on an IPO. The most popular sites for placement. Features of various stock exchanges: their advantages and disadvantages. Comparative characteristics of the Warsaw and London Stock Exchanges, placement of shares in Ukrainian companies on foreign stock exchanges. Methods and basic steps to market an IPO. Practical aspects;
  • Major foreign jurisdictions used to launch an IPO. Construction of holding structures using such jurisdictions, practical schemes and recommendations.

Part 4.

Protection of businesses against raids and other encroachments. Practical schemes and recommendations.

  • Methods to protect businesses at the level of foreign companies from various encroachments;
  • Use of the services of nominees and trusts;
  • Transfer of business by inheritance. Donation schemes as a universal way of protecting property;
  • The possibility of protecting businesses by means of joint-stock agreements.

Part 5.

Offshore reputation and offshore future.

  • What's next for the world of offshore in the future? Which countries are placed on "black", "white" and "gray" lists, and why? Offshore myths and reality;
  • Features of the construction of "real" work with non-resident companies. The need to create image sites and brands for offshore companies. Virtual office, correspondence, and other related services;
  • The fight by the global community for information transparency in the conduct of business. The role of the FATF in combating money laundering and terrorism. How stable is the position of offshore jurisdictions, and what is their future? Offshore in crisis. What do Big Twenty countries get from offshore countries? Why do offshore jurisdictions conclude wholesale agreements on the exchange of tax information?

Time for questions and answers.

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