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President of the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary Lord Justice Thomas to visit Slovakia
Senior British judge Lord Justice (John) Thomas, who is president of the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary, vice-president of the Queen's Bench Division and Deputy Head of Criminal Justice, is to visit Slovakia.
16.Oktober 2009  
German Federal Constitutional Court delegation to visit Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic
A delegation from the German Federal Constitutional Court will pay a visit to the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic (ÚS SR) in Košice on July 13, ÚS SR spokesman Jozef Skybjak informed the News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR).
13.Juli 2009  
Slovakia Investment Guide 2009
The ULC Čarnogurský law firm has prepared an in-depth overview of the Slovak business environment.
07.April 2009  
Fico: Amendment to the Criminal Code will correct the mistakes of the previous government
By backing an amendment to the Criminal Code, the government says it is reacting to a problem which arose in the Slovak criminal system in 2005 following re-codification of the criminal law.
05.März 2009  
EC: Postponing the Nature Protection Act is a problem
A postponement of the deadline for submitting the new Nature Protection Act to December 2009 is proving a major problem for the European Commission. The Commission has criticised Slovakia for the incompatibility of the current act with EU directives.
24.Januar 2009  
PF 2009
The ULC Čarnogurský law firm and the ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO editorial team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
18.Dezember 2008  
Transfers of property to be notified
Cadastral offices will soon be required to inform sellers that they are about to lose their property.
03.Dezember 2008  
Justice Department to receive 286 million euros from the state budget
The Justice Department will receive 286 million EUR (8.6 billion Sk) in the coming year to cover its operating costs. This represents a 28.9 million EUR (870.6 million Sk) increase for the department compared to 2008. The figure is part of the state budget proposal approved by the Slovak government last week.
23.Oktober 2008  
Conversion of crowns to euros in Business Registry to be made simpler
Entrepreneurs will soon be able to convert basic stock and equity in the Business Registry in a simpler way.
20.Oktober 2008  
Slovak Judicial Academy welcomes delegation from Moldova
The Judicial Academy will host a delegation of the National Justice Institute of the Republic of Moldova from October 6 to October 9.
07.Oktober 2008