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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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In providing legal services, the lawyers at ULC Čarnogurský strive for professionalism, quality and high standards. Our team members constantly aim to achieve the best possible results in their work: a must for every renowned lawyer. The primary objective of our work is to offer the client both superior quality and genuinely effective services. Therefore, we opt for a sensitive approach ensuring that we clearly understand the needs and interests of our clients. 

Our work is characterised by the following principles:

Professional competence

At ULC Čarnogurský we fully appreciate the need to employ highly-qualified lawyers with considerable experience. At the same time, we provide opportunities to new graduates, who not only gain valuable experience in our office but also bring new legal trends that they have been taught at university.

Our lawyers are fluent in several languages, in particular English; but also in German, French, Russian, Czech and Italian.


At ULC Čarnogurský, we deliver high-grade legal care. Our approach is based on teamwork and therefore each case is dealt with by a carefully selected team of lawyers who work together to find the most appropriate solution for our clients.

We prefer teamwork for a number of reasons, particularly because it is an ideal method for allowing us to choose the best legal advice from among several legal opinions. Moreover, lawyers working in a team can substitute for each other, which ensures continuous work on the case with no disruptions.

A high level of legal creativity

At ULC Čarnogurský, we make sure that even the most intricate cases are handled in the most straightforward and efficient way. Creativity is therefore one of the underlying principles of our work. In fact, creativity in law, combined with a superior level of expertise, ensures the best results. It also requires profound knowledge of other, non-legal, fields and flexible thinking by individuals.

These are some of the many reasons why we put special emphasis on our creative approach.

Effective tailor-made solutions

We aim to be an integral part of our partners' success. At ULC Čarnogurský, we therefore treat each client individually. In our work we take into account the specific needs and demands of our clients. Thus, we always produce solutions tailor made to the existing needs and demands of our clients, while at the same time leaving room for future development.


At ULC Čarnogurský, we prefer long-term partnerships and continuous work for the benefit of clients, so that they receive comprehensive legal care. Our client's success and satisfaction are the key prerequisites for our own success. We therefore strive to achieve balance between the expectations and needs of our clients and, to this end, we constantly keep in touch and communicate with the client, thereby jointly setting both the goals of mutual cooperation and the budget for the legal services provided and other related costs.


The relationship between a lawyer and a client needs to be based on mutual trust. At ULC Čarnogurský we fully respect the confidentiality obligation as stipulated in the Advocacy Act. According to this act, each attorney is subject to a non-disclosure obligation that extends to any information that may come to the attorney's attention while acting in a professional capacity and it is only the client or, in the event that the client has passed away or ceased to exist, the client's legal successor that may release the attorney from this obligation, whereby any consent to disclosure must be given in writing.

At ULC Čarnogurský, we stand for confidentiality, which we safeguard beyond even existing legal obligations. Our lawyers maintain a high level of loyalty to clients and take all necessary measures in order to prevent disclosure.

Strict ethical standards

At ULC Čarnogurský, we attach the utmost importance to the observance of professional ethics and honour. We take care to protect our client's interests while maintaining confidentiality in respect of the information disclosed to us, honouring the attorney-client privilege and preventing any potential conflict of interest. Apart from the fundamental requirements of ethics in relation to the client, we also pay close attention to meeting strict ethical standards with regard to the corporate world and the environment.

Client satisfaction

At ULC Čarnogurský, it is our credo not only to meet, but to exceed our clients' expectations.

We appreciate that retaining the services of a law firm is an essential decision for any business. Besides expertise, a client deserves a lawyer who will enhance their business and work effectively and efficiently considering the price of legal services. The principle of client satisfaction is therefore the bottom line underlying all our work.