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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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At the ULC Čarnogurský law firm we strive to be professional and achieve the best results. Equally, we esteem others' hard work and professionalism. We therefore provide help to individuals and organisations to achieve their goals, make their dreams come true and pursue various projects which could not otherwise be accomplished.

We have supported:


The book 7 bottles (7 fliaš)

The book "7 bottles" is a loose continuation of the book of short stories "all sorts of names."

Author Moro Scho assembled in this book a number of short stories which take place not only in his home country, but in several foreign countries as well. Special feature of the short stories is that they are interwoven with poetry. This way the author succeeded not only to create a more impressive atmosphere of the stories, but also contributed to it's originality.


ARS INTEGRA - an integration project by the DANUBE Dance Club

This year-round project aims to integrate disabled children and young people and the non-disabled community through dance and graphic arts.

Lucia Butkovská


Achieved results:
2009: U-16 National Singles Champion
Member of the Slovak junior national team
Member of the National Tennis Centre

Story book Various names (Všelijaké mená)

Debut book of Marián Moncman, Slovak journalist, photographer and traveller.

Soňa Kopčoková

Body fitness

Achieved results:
2007: 2nd at the Body Fitness World Championships
2006: Word Champion, European Champion, Slovak Champion in body fitness
2005: 4th at the Body Fitness World Championships

Daniel Medo


Achieved results:
2006: Word Champion in fitness
2006: 1st at Grand Prix Graz
2006, 2004, 2003, 2002: 1st at Mr. Fitness Praha

Nota Bene

This street magazine gives homeless people a chance to help themselves. Nota Bene is sold by people who are homeless, living in shelters, or in danger of losing their homes due to lack of money.

Book of Essays (Eseje)

This work, by the Chinese writer Sűn c' (Sűn Kchuang), was translated into Slovak by Marina Čarnogurská.