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Another seminar for Slovak entepreneurs wishing to trade in Ukraine
The Čarnogurský ULC Law Firm in partnership with its Ukrainian branch Čarnogurský & Vishnyakova ULC based in Kiev, repeatedly organized expert seminar for representatives of companies, entrepreneurs and also for individuals who are interested in expanding their business activities eastern of our borders and plan to enter the Ukrainian market. The seminar took place on 24th January 2014 at the Čarnogurský ULC Law Firm in Bratislava. The main lecturer was Helen Vishnyakova, managing partner and attorney of Ukrainian branch of an international law firm Čarnogurský & Vishnyakova ULC and co-lecturer Ilya Rogac from the Čarnogurský ULC Law Firm. Considerable interest and generous participation testifies the fact that tense internal situation in our eastern neighbour does not discourage our enterpreneurs from investing and doing business in Ukraine . The content of the seminar was mainly presentation of information about how to enter the Ukrainian market. The process of establishing the business partnership in Ukraine was also explained in more detailed manner. Participants were familiarised with Ukrainian tax system, as well as with social and health insurance contributions for employees in Ukraine. Customs procedures and protective mechanism for entrepreneurs in the Ukrainian market was also marginally mentioned. Lecturer Helen Vishnyakova and Ilya Rogac also provided participants with a range of practical advice and presented various situations encountered by their clients in practice Helen Vishnyakova also pointed out specificities of trade with Ukrainian partners. Free under final discussion, participants were given an opportunity to discuss individual questions related to their areas of business. Due to the great interest in the seminar we would like to take this opportunity to announce that Čarnogurský ULC Law Firm plans to organise similar seminars in the close future.
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Seminar in Bratislava about the investment environment and peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine
On November 28, 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia, Helen Vishnyakova and Ilja Rogac of the International law firm Čarnogurský & Vishnyakova ULC have held a seminar about investment environment and peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine for Slovakian businessmen. The heightened interest of participants of the seminar indicates that growing trade market in Ukraine still remains one of the most attractive places for investment of neighboring countries, including Slovakia. The seminar addressed the benefits of investment environment for the foreign investors in Ukraine, and the most successful cases of Slovak entrepreneurs investing in Ukraine have been analyzed. Also, participants of the seminar received practical information on how to enter the Ukrainian market and the opening company in Ukraine, the export-import to Ukraine and other useful matters. Helen Vishnyakova and Ilja Rogac also shared with the participants about the special features of the business environment and business culture in Ukraine, as well as ways to minimize the risks for foreign investors in cooperation with Ukrainian partners. Thus, during the seminar was possible to obtain not only theoretical information but also to learn practical "subtleties" of doing business in Ukraine by Slovak entrepreneurs. Each of the participants were also given the opportunity to receive answers for interesting questions relating to their direction of business or personal situation.
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Complex due diligence of two Ukrainian energy companies
ULC Čarnogurský & Vishnykova international law firm has successfully completed complex due diligence of two Ukrainian energy companies engaged in production energy generated from solar power. Such legal services were rendered to the Slovak company Sterako s.r.o. which is well-known due to its activity on the EU energy market. The scope of due diligence compiled corporate, commercial, tax, real estate, antitrust issues. The ULC Čarnogurský & Vishnykovalaw firm team was led by Managing partner Helen Vishnyakova and counsel Dmitriy Sichkar.
30.August 2013 » More  
Dmitriy Sichkar, Counsel in the Kyiv office of the ULC Čarnogurský law firm has held the workshop
On August 7, 2013 Dmitriy Sichkar, Counsel in the Kyiv office of the ULC Čarnogurský law firm has held the workshop "Permitting documentation in construction. New provisions and tendencies in regulation of the construction activity in Ukraine" in the business-centre "LIGA". Dmitriy has touched on the most important issues in the construction sphere, in particular regarding the issues on obtaining new permitting documents, particularities of determination of a category of object complexity, formalization and registration an object of construction, implementation of international construction contracts under FIDIC standards.
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The regional meeting of leading attorneys-at-law and law firms on pro bono promotion practice exchange took place
On July 29th, 2013 the regional meeting of leading attorneys-at-law and law firms on pro bono promotion practice exchange took place. It aims to promote and expand the pro bono practice amid law firms which are expected to implement such the practice on a permanent basis. Managing partner at Kiev office of Čarnogurský ULC law firm Helen Vishnyakova and Counsel Dmitriy Sichkar participated at the meeting proposing set of concepts of the pro bono practice development. In turn, Čarnogurský ULC law firm actively promotes the pro bono practice issuing a respective monthly newsletter, elaborating legal framework and rendering pro bono legal services.
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Kyiv ULC office cooperted with production company
Čarnogurský and Vishnyakova ULC provided legal services to production company in the process of commercial video production for pharmaceutical company BAYER. The International law firm "Čarnogurský and Vishnyakova ULC" via its Kyiv office provided full legal services to its client (production comapny) in process of closing deal related to marketing activities of BYER and top television channels in Ukraine. The cooperation was held from December 2012-February 2013. The project assisting by "Čarnogurský and Vishnyakova ULC" consisted in full legal supporting of the contractual process, consultation in the area of pharmaceutical advertisement and advertisement of medicinal products as well as consultation in intellectual property area. The "Čarnogurský and Vishnyakova ULC" team was lead by Helen Vishnyakova, Partner
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Energy security of the Slovak Republic
In the magazine Connection 01/02-2013, published by the American Chamber of Commerce, we bring to your attention an article called “The energy security of the Slovak Republic”. In this article Mgr. Ilja Rogac, from our law firm, writes about the current issues around the energy security in the Slovak Republic.
28.March 2013 » More  
Publication in Connection 11/12 2012
In the following issue of Connection dedicated to corporate responsibility and philanthropy, published by the American Chamber of Commerce, you may read the article written by Paulína Ondrašíková J.D. In this article, called "Working Parents", Paulína Ondrášiková tells us about changes in the Labour Code and their impact on the lives of working Parents.
09.January 2013 » More  
From "our pen"
In the quarterly issue of the Bulletin published by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, you may read an article titled "Unfair Market Practices", which deals with the theme of unfair competition in the Slovak legal system. The author of this article is Paulína Ondrášiková J.D., she is a lawyer at Čarnogurský ULC.
08.January 2013 » More  
Successful deal closure in Kyiv office
The Kyiv office of the Čarnogurský ULC law firm in November 2012 successfully closed a deal for one of its client to secure payments worth millions Euros under a credit agreement by using pledge instruments.
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