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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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New law on imprisonment
The new law on imprisonment amends certain provisions whose current wording and interpretation has caused considerable problems when applied in practice. Problems mainly arise in relation to the inspection of convicted persons' mail, contact between convicted prisoners and other people, and expunging of convicts' criminal records.
14.March 2013 All articles of this issue  
New law on food and safety
A new amendment to the Food and Safety Act introduces new rights for control bodies, increased penalties and new reporting obligations. These measures, according to the Slovak Government, should lead to a higher level of human health protection and consumer protection on the market.
14.March 2013 All articles of this issue  
Ensuring fiscal responsibility in the European Union
The purpose of this law change affecting the scope of the Slovak authorities is to ensure fiscal responsibility in the European Union through a national law which amends the competence of Slovak Republic's bodies in the process of execution of certain rights and obligations arising from the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union. Measures and procedures to strengthen fiscal responsibility and economic policy coordination in the EMU under that Treaty should be fully in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.
14.March 2013 All articles of this issue  
Being prepared in Parliament – New law on protection of non-smokers
Under a proposed amendment to the law on protection of non-smokers, the existing ban on smoking will be extended to electronic and herbal cigarettes. After approval of the amendment it will be forbidden to smoke in shops, common dining facilities where brought-in food is served or in open-air sports facilities. The amendment increases fines for failure to comply with the smoking ban.
14.March 2013 All articles of this issue  
Parliament adopted a long time announced amendments to the Law no. 99/1963 coll. Code of Civil Procedure. The basic objecitve of the new legislation is to strengthen the tools to facilitate the initiation, tools to accelerate the proceedings and to prevent obstruction of the parties involved. The main tools to accelerate the procedure include determining the deadlines by which the court has chosen to issue a procedural decision.
25.November 2011 All articles of this issue  
The amendment introduced in special cases the perofmace of labour inspection by Labour Inspectorate also outside the area of its scope. The amendment also introduced, mandatory penalties for serious misconduct and for not solving shortcomings. Moreover there is new obligation for labour inspectors to demonstrate its identification via licence of inspectors and service uniform. The amendment also precise responsibilities in the area of market surveillance.
25.November 2011 All articles of this issue  
Changes in the promotion of tourism will affect two areas. The first is the provision of subsidies and the second area is the introduction of the possibility of municipality to associate with other municipality without a condition of common cadastral area. In addition to the above changes, the amendment also provides precise cancellation and temination of tourism organisations and introduces some structural changes in tourism organisation.
25.November 2011 All articles of this issue  
Adoption of the new law on residency of foreigners is based on the need to ensure compatibility of Slovak legislation on foreigners residency with European legislation. The law also unifies the above issues with the issue of security and border control. The law defines new concepts based on the application in practice.
25.November 2011 All articles of this issue  
The proposed amendment to the Building Act should establish the obligation to remove building structures from a foreign land without the consent of the landowner. The aim of the proposed amendment is to prevent the spread of „black buildings" in foreign lands.
25.November 2011 All articles of this issue  
The latest amendment to Act. No. 7/2005 Coll. on Bankruptcy and Restructuring affects corporate (but not personal) bankruptcies. The aim of the amendment is, in particular, to revise some definitions, make it possible for creditors to file bankruptcy petitions, and to simplify logging of claims. For more details, please see the full article in this month's edition of PRO BONO.
26.October 2011 All articles of this issue