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Viktória Kertészová

JUDr. Viktória Kertészová finished the faculty of law at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice in 2017.

During her studies she worked as a paralegal in several law firms in Košice focusing mainly on civil, commercial, administrative and labour law. She obtained practical experience in the legal area including communications with court, and other authorities, drafting a various types of e-mails, doing legal research, reviewing files etc. She was part of the team who prepared the high-school students for a Moot Court Proceeding through the law clinic focused on the practical implementation of civil law. In addition, dhr participated with organization of other moot court competition within ELSA. She also took part in the Legal Debate Tournament in Brno.

During her work experience, she gained practical experience in the legal area of Slovak law firms as well as of international law firms. She prepared various kinds of legal analysis, statements, opinions mainly from civil law, administrative law, labour law and commercial law. She represented clients in consumer disputes before the court. She participated in many due diligence process.

Viktoria focuses on the litigation, in particular civil disputes, the preparation and commenting of contractual documentation, drafting of various legal opinions and analyzes.

She speaks English and Hungarian.