Dual display of prices causes problems

  • 27. August 2008

The first inspection of dual display of prices has revealed mistakes displaying the conversion rate or in calculation of prices in euros.


Retailers must now display their prices in both crowns and euros. According to the first inspection, retailers are having trouble displaying the prices in euros correctly.

On Sunday, August 24, inspectors in Bratislava monitored 26 retail sites. Mistakes were identified in 11 of them. Fines were not applied, but will be if the mistakes identified are not fixed.

Of the businesses monitored, eight had not displayed the conversion rate of 30.1260 crowns per euro correctly. Some retail outlets had dropped the final zero. This does not cause losses to customers, but the law states that the conversion rate must be displayed in full, must not be shortened or rounded, and must be placed in a visible place, for instance on the counter, on stands for goods, on the door or on a visible wall.

The inspection has revealed mistakes with the price conversions from crowns to euros, or in the rounding of the prices of goods on labels or pricelists.

Mistakes were also found in the dual display of prices per unit. These should not be rounded to two digits; instead they are “cut” to three digits after conversion.

(Source: SME; August 26, 2008)

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