Government seeks prison time for insurance contribution debtors

  • 04. May 2011

An amendment to the Criminal Code proposes up to three years in prison for insurance contribution debts over €2,666.

Sole traders and statutory representatives of companies that owe the social insurance provider (Sociálna poisťovňa) or health insurers more than €2,666 could face up to three years in prison. The revision to the Criminal Code, approved by the government last week, will now be dealt with in parliament.

The proposal by Sociálna poisťovňa aims to improve the payment discipline of companies and sole traders in making contributions. Many currently ignore their debts for months or even years.

Sociálna poisťovňa reports arrears totalling more than €780 million, with about half of the amount comprising recently accrued debt.

(Source:; 03.05.2011)
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