Helen Vishnyakova at event of the Slovakian Embassy in Kyiv

  • 02. April 2013

Helen Vishnyakova, partner in the international law firm “Čarnogurský and Vishnyakova ULC”, attended an event “Roundtable of Ukrainian bankers and Slovak entrepreneurs” at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kyiv on March 7, 2013 dedicated to the organization and development of business cooperation between Slovak and Ukrainian businesspersons, including those in the banking sector

The audience at the event included the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Ukraine, representatives of the Ukrainian banking sector, supporting companies related to the banking sector in Ukraine, and the owners and managers of Slovak companies from various sectors already doing business or planning to expand their businesses into Ukraine. The Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Ukraine introduced the international law firm “Čarnogurský and Vishnyakova ULC” as a reliable and consistent legal partner for Slovak companies operating in Ukraine.

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