Sale of goods and services for excessive prices to be made punishable by jail

  • 11. September 2008

Selling goods or providing services for prices higher than the  legally-permitted maximum, if such a price limit has been imposed by a  generally binding law, will be punishable by jail as of December 1.

The measure was proposed in an amendment to the Criminal Law drafted by the Justice Ministry of the Slovak Republic which was sent for its second reading by MPs on September 10, 2008.

The proposed amendment strengthens elements of the Slovak legal code ensuring consumer protection. “At the same time, it is a reaction to the possible, and in some cases already observed, impact of preparation for adoption of the euro in Slovakia on increasing of consumer prices of goods and services”, the ministry says. The ministry also warns that denying consumer rights by using business practices which would be considered unfair in any circumstances will be punished by imprisonment from six months to three years. Such sanctions will also be applied to those giving orders to apply unfair business practices.

Also on September 10, an amendment to the Commercial Code, an amendment to the law on courts, and an amendment to the law on fees to preserve patents were sent for their second readings.

(Source: TASR; September 10, 2008)

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