The president has inaugurated 18 judges to serve indefinitely

  • 25. September 2008

The president of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič inaugurated 18 judges on the 24th of September who will serve without term limits.

In his speech, the head of the state emphasized the importance of judges’ work, which is closely watched by the public, media, and also foreign countries. “Your responsible work and just decisions are a reflection of how Slovakia is perceived as a democratic country“, he noted.

The president has also mentioned the weaknesses of the Slovak judiciary, such as delays in legal proceedings or the challenge of claiming of one’s rights. He has expressed his belief that the newly inaugurated judges will make a name for themselves in the judiciary and will work responsibly and justly so that the courts can guarantee the citizens of the Slovak Republic all the rights accorded to them from living in a free and democratic state.

Making a vow of loyalty to the president, the following judges have been inaugurated: Zuzana Biščáková (District Court Prešov – DC), Zuzana Gajerová (DC Pezinok), Andrea Hadnagyová (DC Piešťany), Peter Koman (DC Poprad), Andrea Kondllová (DC Piešťany), Michaela Králová (DC Pezinok), Ľubomíra Krchníková (DC Pezinok), Karol Krochta (DC Bardejov), Silvia Minková (DC Zvolen), Jana Mitková (DC Čadca), Mariana Philadelphyová (DC Zvolen), Daniela Pilarčíková (DC Námestovo), Miriam Szárazová (DC Stará Ľubovňa), Marek Šenkár (DC Žilina), Marek Števček (DC Bratislava I), Vladimír Topoľančík (DC Ružomberok), Martina Trnavská (DC Trenčín), Stanislav Vojtko (DC Michalovce).

The deputy prime minister and justice minister Štefan Harabin and the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic chairman Milan Karabín also took part in the ceremony.

(Source: TASR; 24.09.2008)
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