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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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Areas of expertise

The knowledge and experience of the lawyers at ULC Čarnogurský encompass all significant areas of legal practice. The areas listed below introduce the most frequently provided and most-requested legal services. In addition to these key areas we can provide a wider range of legal services and also represent you in other areas of law.

Owing to its pro-investment reform policy, the Slovak government has succeeded in creating one of the very best investment environments in Europe. The credibility of the reforms has been demonstrated by the further expansion of previously established, satisfied investors as well as by the increased interest among potential investors willing to invest in Slovakia. Low tax rates and preparedness for new investments create the opportunity to advance business goals.

Recovery of claims & bankruptcy  
At ULC Čarnogurský, we offer effective legal services in the recovery of claims, including legal audit of claims and mandatory claims administration. We provide legal advice on cession of claims and with gaining claims. Representing our clients in case of prosecutions of claims, or out-of-court settlement, in execution proceedings and in voluntary auctions is also part of our services.
Representing our clients before the courts and other legal bodies in disputes related to their business affairs is an essential element of our expertise.
State aid, investment incentives & project financing  
We have considerable experience representing our clients in negotiations with the Ministry of Economy and the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency in order to secure investment incentives. We are capable of providing legal assistance in obtaining subsidies for the creation of industrial parks and preparing necessary documents for submitting requests for investment incentives, as well as necessary contractual documentation.
Mergers & acquisitions  
Since its foundation, our law firm has gained considerable experience in the area of mergers, acquisitions, transformation and restructuring of businesses. Our legal services include due diligence and risk analysis, negotiation support, purchase or sale of businesses, their parts, individual assets, business shares, or stock, as well as drafting of related contracts.
Corporate law  
At ULC Čarnogurský, we specialise in incorporation of Slovak and European companies, including drafting and modification of founder's deeds, articles of association, statutes and other company documents, representing our clients in related proceedings before the Commercial Register, arranging temporary offices/addresses for companies, or compliance with obligations imposed by governmental authorities (trade office, tax office, labour and social security offices, etc.).
Competition law  
Our services portfolio includes legal audit of contractual relations, aiming to protect clients from the high penalties applicable to contractual provisions in breach of Slovak or European competition laws (prohibited agreements, abuse of dominant position), and legal advice concerning unfair competition.
European law  
At ULC Čarnogurský, we are ready to provide legal advice in numerous areas of European law, especially the application of EU law with respect to the single market, competition law, legal regulation of financial services and foreign trade. We represent the rights of our clients with regard to the improper implementation of European directives into national law.
Intellectual property  
Our lawyers provide a wide spectrum of services concerning intellectual property. Services include protection of copyrights, business name protection, trade secret and know-how protection, trademark law, personal data protection, resolution of domain name disputes, etc.
Green field & brown field projects  
Our law firm has significant experience providing legal services to foreign investors, especially in the area of green-field investments. Services include assisting with setting up investing companies and drafting the related corporate agenda, drafting, implementation and review of construction agreements, environmental agenda and related documentation, legal advice on the financing of the investment, drafting employer-employee policies, as well as providing a general overview of the economic and legal-political situation and institutions in Slovakia.
Public Private Partnership  
Our erudite lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice on Public Private Partnership projects, for instance of the Build & Operate, or Lease & Operate types.