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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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Review of administrative decisions, except appeals

It can sometimes happen that the final administrative decision of an Administrative Authority does not observe the requirements of the law. To amend or reverse the decisions of such authorities, aside from normal and special remedies, there is also a specific institute to review such decisions.

Agency Contracts

An Agency Contract is one of the named contractual types covered by the Commercial Code. The main purpose of this type of contract is the acquisition of business affairs, and its use in practice is quite common. In this article we explain for you the terms of an agency contract, and the rights and obligations of the principal and the trustee, the parties to such a contract.

State support in the European context

The concept of state support/aid, in the form of various grants, subsidies and other advantages, is accepted by the law of various Member States of the European Union and is often applied in practice. EU law also regulates the issue at the highest level, where it is called subsidy law.

Pre-emption right

Legal conflicts often arise in association with the right of one contracting party to the preferential transfer of ownership as soon as the other party decides to transfer it, for example by selling it. There is a specific institute to avoid this, the so-called pre-emption right or option to purchase. Alternatively, there is another closely related institute called the right of repurchase. We bring you an explanation of the nature of and differences between these two institutes.

Power of attorney in administrative proceedings

In administrative proceedings, the parties as well as other persons may be represented. Representation is the institutional process by which one person - known as a representative - may act on behalf of another. Special conditions have to be fulfilled before a representative is allowed to act on behalf of a principal before state bodies and public authorities.

Being prepared in Parliament – Act on Public Collections

Current legislation governing public collections is based on a law from 1973 which is in many ways outdated and poorly reflects current trends and modern conditions. An increase in the transparency of public collections, a new regulation implementing public collections, a new penalties mechanism and many other changes will be among the aims of the new act. In our article, we cover a selection of the changes being made.


Newsletter Pro Bono

ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO is a newsletter published monthly by the ULC Čarnogurský law firm. The service is intended to assist our clients, as well as the wider public, in tracking current legislative changes.

The ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO e-newsletter including special editions focuses on new laws and various other legal matters affecting Slovakia. In the newsletter we follow all significant legal changes and amendments that are likely to be of interest to you. We believe that the ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO newsletter will help your business by examining legal development in a user-friendly way.

PRO BONO is published in Slovak. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

A new edition of the independent ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO e-newsletter dedicated to legislative changes in Ukraine is published on a bimonthly basis since November 2010.

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