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The Čarnogurský ULC PRO BONO newsletter focuses on new laws and various other legal matters. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

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Downloading of copies of audiovisual and audio works from the Internet

Under the current version of Slovakia's Copyright Act, making reproductions of published audiovisual and audio works for personal use without seeking permission or paying any compensation is not illegal. On April 10, 2014, the European Court of Justice delivered a judgement which represents a unified, binding attitude in the area of copyright law.

The trial period in employment law

The trial period is a special aspect of employment law which aims to provide employers with the opportunity to monitor the work of new employees and verify their suitability for employment. If either party takes the view that the employment in question does not comply with their wishes, it may be terminated simply by either partner notifying the other. The relative freedom of the process of leaving the trial period reflects its purpose, i.e. to verify the suitability of the parties to a contract of employment.

The arbitration judgement as an enforceable title?

Execution may be carried out solely on the basis of a valid and enforceable title. An arbitration judgement is, under the provisions of the Execution Order in Slovakia, a proper and enforceable title. In practice, however, this results in various problems. A recent verdict of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic brings some clarification in this area, by ruling that an arbitration judgement may not always be understood as an enforceable title.

Using a motor vehicle in another Member State of the European Union

Employment or business opportunities can result in the need for citizens to move to others Member States of the European Union and, if they own one, re-register their vehicle there. Basic rules on the free movement of people at the European level are set out in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. However, this particular area is not fully harmonized at the European level.

Amendment to the Execution Order

In this edition we explain changes introduced by an amendment to the Execution Order. The regulation of small claims has been made more precise and a partial change in the scope of the execution process has been adopted. There has also been a modification related to the principle of proportionality of execution and also an extension in the range of things excluded from the execution process.

Being prepared in Parliament - Law on the acquisition of the ownership of agricultural land

A bill has been submitted to Parliament in order to adjust the rules on acquiring agricultural land. Current legislation does not prevent a reduction in the extent of agricultural land. The purpose of the proposed law is to ensure that only persons who intend to use agricultural land for farming can preferentially acquire it. If ownership of agricultural land cannot be transferred to such persons, other persons listed by the bill would acquire such land. Under the new law, ownership rights to agricultural land could also be acquired by non-residents.


Newsletter Pro Bono

ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO is a newsletter published monthly by the ULC Čarnogurský law firm. The service is intended to assist our clients, as well as the wider public, in tracking current legislative changes.

The ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO e-newsletter including special editions focuses on new laws and various other legal matters affecting Slovakia. In the newsletter we follow all significant legal changes and amendments that are likely to be of interest to you. We believe that the ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO newsletter will help your business by examining legal development in a user-friendly way.

PRO BONO is published in Slovak. It is published monthly and provided free of charge.

A new edition of the independent ULC Čarnogurský PRO BONO e-newsletter dedicated to legislative changes in Ukraine is published on a bimonthly basis since November 2010.

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